Of thorns, underwears and philosophy

3:18 AM

Ok, this post is very chap pa lang. That means rojak. Or to be clearer, salad. A bit of everything. Hahaha...

First up, underwear. The most essential thing in a gay man's closet. There's so much to choose from, with all kinds of design, all kinds of material and comes in colours of the rainbow. G-string, bikini briefs, boxers, jockstrap, you name it, they probably have it manufactured right at this moment. My favourite? Boxer briefs. Because they're so secure and can mould your ass and packages into those lustful shapes and sizes. Slut in me. :P

The other day while I was walking in Times Square I suddenly pass by this shop selling men's underwear. It's called Club 86 and you can find them on facebook. Definitely targeting the pink market, because there are all kinds of stuff you can find there. And then there's this boxer brief, pink and grey, with a big "Tom and Jerry" wording plastered on the butt. Definitely cheeky and wonderful gift for fans of "Tom and Jerry"! I'm one. Hahaha.. But that piece costs RM30, which is a premium. I'm not so sure about the quality, but having it can be a priceless experience. To me at least.

And why gay related stuff needs to be related to studios and clubs? We have the Studio 89 in PJ for fun and now Club 86. Guess we are party animals inside, even me. I enjoy ocassional loud head banging music and alcohol. Add beautiful men in the mix, OMG. No wonder Marketplace is full everytime.

Second, Philosophy. No, not Aristotles or Plato, but Philosophy Men, a clothing brand which is targeted at the pink market too. Price is definitely not cheap, even two t-shirts can cause RM100+ damage to the wallet. But what's worth looking here are designer brands which they stock up a little. From Calvin Klein handkerchiefs to Lacoste sneakers to Private Structure underwear, it's a gay man's closet heaven, if you have the money. Philosophy Men is a local brand under Salabianca, so it's worth checking out the designs there.

Compared to shopping at Calvin Klein or DKNY or even Zara, it's much much fun in terms of fashion.  Check out their latest designs here at http://www.philosophy-men.com/.

I even bought a little something from them within my means. ;)

Third, thorns. Here, it's breaking promises. If you do not have the means or ways to promise somebody something, then don't. Broken promises are acts of mistrust, because there's the unwritten rule of trust when you make a promise. When you break it, it's breaking the trust that the other party has given you.

And broken promises are like thorns to me.

P/S: My gaydar was tingling like mad when I walked into Philosophy today. Obviously. Hehehe... 

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  1. Club86? Never seen one before. I think it's gone in these 5 years...

    [Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

    1. Omg Jino, this was written 5 years back when I was still like super fresh. Now become salted vegetable dy... hahah