11:13 PM

I still have not finish a lot of things, but just to get it off my chest first.

To you, I apologise. Because I can be so straight at times and so irritating. Say "yes" but do "no". You get what I mean.

To tell the truth, I talk loud and I'm exceptionally well at being boisterous. In actions, in clothes and other stuff. It irritates people at time, so I'll learn how to tone it down. Oh, and I'm such a grandma at times. I'll tone that down too. And I think too much!! TONE THAT DOWN, PLEASE!

Next week will be our second meet-up. This time, it's the movies. Can I call it a date? Let's see how things go first. And this is the first time I'm going to the movies with somebody that I like.  :)

I just hope I won't stutter or do anything else silly. The last time we met I feel like a dumbo.

Because all I see is you and nobody else.  

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