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2:27 AM

No prizes for guessing where is this. But to those living under a rock, a cave or a tempurung, this is Pink Dot 2011, at Hong Lim Park, Singapore!

So the event started at 5pm, but I got there at around 6pm. I was stuck in a long queue, waiting for a taxi at Takashimaya. And then there were all those traffic lights turning red. Haish.

Anyway, I did not went there alone. My aunt was with me that day. 

So as we waited for the taxi, she asked, "Are you nervous?"

I answered, "No." Because seriously, at that time I did not feel anything. 

As soon as I stepped down at the park, it hit me. Here I am, aged 21, stepping down on Singapore soil to attend something that is impossible to do in my homeland. Never have I attended such an event too, and at such a scale!

And yes, the gaydar that was so rusty got jolted back to life. Then, I was nervous. 

And when I say I am nervous at that time, it is in a very happy way. The butterflies are fluttering in my stomach but I was smiling from ear to ear. Never have I seen so many people coming together to give their support to the community, which is... unbelievable.

There are tonnes of eye candy, but the ones who steal the show are the dogs! Quite a number of people bring their dogs, like the ang moh below.     

And then there was this giant poodle, shaved and coiffed to perfection! But sadly, I didn't manage to take a pic. The owner seems to be in a hurry.

But besides dogs, there are other things that caught my attention, notably shoes. Like this one below.

I can hear it screaming LADY GAGA all the way. It certainly rocks! And the brown boots in the background are very nice too. 

And then there are people who did drag. Love the hairpiece! It's like it came out from a floral fantasy photoshoot. 

But the most amazing thing is that I saw was an actual KILT! With all the bells and whistles that comes together too. And I wonder, is he a true Scotsman?

And a true Scotsman does not wear anything under his kilt. I repeat, does not wear ANYTHING. :)  

Clicks and snaps aside, I did manage to have a moment in the dot. I actually wanted go to the side when the dot is being formed.

"Kalau aku kena tangkap macam mana?"

And then my aunt just took my hand and lead me to the centre. LOL

Then, the countdown. Pink balloons were released, pink umbrellas were opened, pink scarfs were waved. 

And then, we sang "I Want To Hold Your Hand", by The Beatles. 

As I was holding on to my aunt's hand, singing, she teared up. Never in her life that she would imagine, her nephew, the one that she saw growing up right in front of her eyes, was now standing here, beside her. 

She said she was so honoured to be here with me. And it's the same with me to be here with her.

Lucky kid I am.  

After the dot has formed, there were also paratroopers in the sky, releasing pink smoke. 

Heck, this reminded me to buy new lens for the camera.

Maybe some of you who have read the news were a bit skeptical about whether there really are 10,000 people on that day. 

But after taking these two pics, I don't doubt it. It was no longer a pink dot. It was a sea of pink.

It's a day that I would never ever forget. 

Although some things can be a bit better. 

After it was over, the crowd cleared and I saw Clarke Quay MRT STATION, right at the end of Hong Lim Park.  *facepalm*

So, will I return? Yes, I will. :) 

P/S: To my Ku Ku, you're the best aunt in the whole wide world. Love you very much, with hugs and kisses from PJ. :)))

PP/S: This time, the pics in this post belongs to me. Should have watermarked them, but, oh well.

UPDATE: i found the pic of the giant poodle! Owned by actor Ben Xiao. Isn't the poodle beautiful?? :))

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