11:39 PM

Bananas are the next best thing to an orgasm.

It contains the same chemicals that you have in Prozac, an anti-depressant. Yes, bananas can reduce stress levels and induce happiness.

Having a banana every two hours will keep you in such an uplifting mood, it's the best way to combat coma-inducing environment in the office and Monday blues.

There's a story on the internet saying that if you scrape enough banana skin pulp and bake it, it produces a drug that'll get you high. But that's just an urban myth. Although it is also known that flour can be made from banana skins.

Also, a banana facial is very nourishing to the skin; it's good for sunburns.

So, stock up some bananas when you go on your next shopping trip. At least it's way cheaper and much less effort than getting the other variety with two dangling nuts at the side.

That said, I do think they have similar properties, no?

P/S: Yes, I love bananas to death. :)  

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  1. Someone is feeling naughty tonight. Hehehe...

  2. Being slutty once in a while does no harm. Plus, it's a gay blog after all. Hahaha