Unexpected Brushes

1:58 AM

So there I was, walking into a restaurant near my place, which serves up quite decent Chinese dishes. As I was approaching the entrance, I saw a familiar face. A very familiar face.

It's a guy that I saw from Fridae. The exact same guy, because I do recognise his tattoo.

And the heart skips a beat. Because he's definitely cute in his pics. Never thought that he'll look that good in real life. But sadly, my table is upstairs and I couldn't have the chance to ogle more.

Have you ever experienced this before? These kind of unexpected brushes?

I know he doesn't have any knowledge of me, but seeing another soul searching for love in a big place called the Internet suddenly appears to you in real life..... makes it feel..........

A bit out of this world.

It's like seeing Tron on the desktop and suddenly he's right in front of you.  LOL

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