Things That Make Me Cry

2:49 AM

What will make you cry? A sad song? A sad movie?

I found this on one of the blogs on Calvin's list and I heard this boy sing. Just hear him sing, although if you do not know mandarin. And if you have a friend who understands and translate it for you, the better.

This song is actually a Mongolian country song, the title, "Mother In The Dream", or in their native language, Alsad Suugaa Eej. The original singer is Javkhlan.

I was like crying the whole time when this song played. I am still shedding some tears as I'm typing this.

I'm born in a traditional Chinese family, so the concept of filial piety is very much ingrained into my very mind. And this song says it all. Although I could not understand, and even Google translate can't even translate Mongolian, but the deep poetic hums filled my heart with a kind of appreciation that I could not translate into words.

That's what made me cried.

And another thing that can make me cry more than ever is Hachiko. It's a movie with Richard Gere as the main actor. Go find it and watch it, but please prepare a box of tissue.

Me and my bro cried for more than half an hour, and that's even after the credits has started. 

Before I forget, I need to call my mom tomorrow. 

And although showing feelings and crying is being stereotyped as being feminine and gay, I don't think it's a bad thing at all. Shows that I'm more capable of feeling human emotions. Being who I am. 

If you're feeling nothing after watching that above or the movie, go find yourself a heart to replace the stone inside. 

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  1. I'm going to post about this clip too tomorrow. Hahaha!!! But you posted it first. Darn! Hahaha!!! Anyway, it's good that you help spread around.

    I've watched Hachiko too and cried like nobody's business. Each time the dog goes back to the station to wait for his owner, the tears would start flowing down and more came in the scene when the wife came back after so many years and found the dog still waiting there. Oh! Please don't remind me again.

  2. Me too, Calvin, me too. :)