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Today, H&M, the international fast fashion brand, opens up in Lot 10. I did the craziest thing in my shopping adventures, which is to actually queue up for something!

This was taken yesterday, around 8.30pm. The people standing there were queuing up since 4pm yesterday. But, they were very well rewarded as H&M gave them a few hundred ringgit of shopping voucher each! The first in-line got RM500 and the second in-line got RM200. Pardon me if this information is wrong. There were so many people that I couldn't see much. 

But I think tomorrow, or even tonight, this would have been all over the news, because the media was there to interview the first and second in-line person.

Just look at the crowd that morning! I arrived early this morning, around 8.30am, but the line is starting to snake around till the Haagen Dazs cafe. By the time I got in, the line is forming till Chatime Galleria and beyond! Luckily, it didn't rain that morning. Although it doesn't, staffs from H&M were handing out umbrellas as gifts. There was even breakfast, a pack of Milo and muffin for each and every customer that's lining up!

Also, I'm very lucky to be the first 300 customers to get in, because they gave away a RM50 gift card for the first 300! There's also a free gift if you purchase something, which is a braided leather bracelet. I got that one too.

VIPs cutting the ribbon for the opening ceremony. 

There was a DJ playing music, an emcee cheering up the crowd, so the whole atmosphere this morning was very festival like. Crowd control was also very good. People were queuing up in batches, so that the store isn't jammed up by letting everyone in, and there's still some place to walk around.

This is way better than the line for Uniqlo. H&M gave out gifts to its customers and did proper planning beforehand, but Uniqlo did not. I still remember that time the line for Uniqlo snaked until inside Farenheit 88's Shogun. 

Chisin ah, you go and beratur for that one la!

Anyway, it's a very nice shopping experience. The pricing there can really compete with Padini, Zara, Topman and other brands for fast fashion, some items even cheaper still. But it's a bit sad since they only bring in more basic collections. Some items that they feature online are still not available there. There's nothing quirky or eccentric for the men's department, but girls, you're in for another shopping experience. 

Needless to say, H&M is now one of my favourite stores. :)

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