Gay Men Were Eunuchs?

3:12 AM

Or at least some of us were some kind of a eunuch in our past life. It is very amazing to know that the hearts of gay men are more or less the same, having a more or less the same behaviour, and a more or less the same interests. For an example, having a soft spot for beauty, talking with hand gestures, and being a bit bitchy at times. I do know that we are all different in our own ways, but it's some of these traits that makes our gaydar go "ping".

So if we are to ask science to explain why this is so, certainly the answer is still not here yet. But if you do believe in reincarnation and karma, well, somehow it does make sense at times.

If you do read back the history of how eunuchs came to be, certainly there are more eunuchs than what history recorded. Even for the Ming dynasty in China, there were about 70,000 eunuchs serving the imperial family at one time. The Koreans back then did have eunuchs too, as well as the Ottoman empire. To read more about eunuchs, click here.

Of course this is only a passing thought with no concrete evidence. On the other hand, when boys are castrated when they are young, of course the body loses its source to produce testosterone. Then similar features are seen in all of them, like having a higher pitched voice and smoother facial features.

I know not all gay men have a high pitched voice and smooth facial features, but having them add points to the gaydar. So that's the reason why I suddenly had this passing thought.

But about castration, I personally think that even though I am not physically castrated, but my mind already is. Some time back when I saw this documentary from Nat Geo, it did said homosexuality is caused by one of the genes is switched off, causing changes to the brain and therefore affects the gender that we are attracted to.

Isn't this some form of castration, by removing my supposedly sexual attraction and gender role that I should have?  I do admit that I can be very in touch with my feminine side at times.

Just a passing thought, just a passing thought. You're most welcomed if you do not want to comment at all, because this is indeed a very, very weird thought that I am having now. I'm just pouring it out for the sake of retaining my sanity. 

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