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To be in tune with the last post, here are more pics about my trip to Langkawi, which I should have posted like months ago.

This was my very first time that I'm on a plane. I'm very excited that day, and it will be even much more enjoyable if I was 10 years younger. First time being that close to a plane, you know? :D

I felt there were butterflies in my stomach when it first took off. But when it did, the view is amazing.

Blue skies and white fluffy clouds! The child in me is very fascinated with these kind of breathtaking views. Although skies were very clear when we're on the way there, it rained when we reached there. Nothing's better to ruin a holiday than rain.

We checked in to our hotel, which is literally inside a zoo. There's an elephant in the courtyard and a tiger at the far end, with deers too. I'm not joking. Fortunately, no bears are in sight. I mean real ones! 

Geopark Hotel is just at the base of the Langkawi Cable Car station and is also very near to the Seven Wells Waterfall. I did not visit the falls because we're running out of time. The hotel is clean and very cool in the morning, since it's surrounded by a forest.

We went for an island hopping the next day and still the weather isn't any good.

When we reached Tasik Dayang Bunting or the Lake of The Pregnant Maid, it rained. The motorboat wasn't covered so I'm soaked to the bones. That really put me off a bit. I'm on a holiday and it's raining??? Anyway, you can see the outline of the hills that look like a pregnant woman lying on her back.

Here's the outline of the hills again with the lake in the foreground. The lake is refreshing to swim in and life jackets are provided for a fee to those who'd like to swim but don't know how to.

The views at the lake are very beautiful too. Clear blue green waters flanked by vertical cliffs and forests.

This looks a bit like Guilin in China. Also at the lake.

The trip that we had includes eagle feeding. Although it is amazing to see eagles right in front of you, I do recommend that you select island hopping trips that do not include eagle feeding. They use chicken scraps to feed the birds which is very unhealthy. I only know this after coming back from the trip.

Last stop is at Pulau Beras Basah. Not as beautiful as Redang due to the weather that day, but it's clean and well maintained. There were eye candies on that day too! 

Remember a post back then that I tried to blackmail myself into exercising? It didn't work out that well. But here's a pic of me (well, not exactly, it's my butt) to adhere to the agreement.

I hope this doesn't scare you away from reading my blog. LOL

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  1. ooooooo... simonlover mesti suka!! oh em geee!! :)

    1. Hi Tuls! Aiya, I'm still very far away from simonlover's cup of tea. LOL

  2. But why? That butt certainly looks tight enough. Can I pinch it?

  3. see Tom, all the legends come liao... now waiting for the approval from simonlover! lol

  4. Naughty Savante!I take that as a compliment, thank you. :) And I never thought that you're a legend!

    Tuls, you lagilah legendary. Your blog is one of the first few blogs that I visit besides Calvin's. :)