When Do You Know You Are Gay?

3:07 AM

This is the question that most of us gay men have to go through before we truly accept ourselves.

For some people, it's through a happy experience, like knowing that they like to dress up in their mother's clothes or play with make up, and then there are those with a not so happy experience, like falling in love with a straight friend. Twice.

Then there are those with a really really dark past, as in being sexually molested while he's still a child. This happened to an extremely close friend of mine. He says this is the reason why he is attracted to men. He labels himself as a bisexual.

The story was that when he was still a child, sometimes he will be sent over to his aunt house to be taken care of. And that's where it happened. His cousin brother did it to him.

I also happen to know who is his cousin brother too. Never I will see him in the same light again. To know that he actually molested a child! And actually ruined his psychological well being!

To me, there is none other sin greater than theft. All other sins are an evolution of it. In this case, he robbed him of his chance to actually discover his sexuality in a much, much healthier way.

I despise such people. Children are meant to be taken care of, to be nurtured, and to be loved. What he did was the ultimatum.

I spit on you and I hope karma will take its place. I'll be sitting here to watch the show.

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