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I may be a bit late to say about this but I cannot deny it made me feel very sad indeed. It was still mentioned yesterday on Astro AEC, Xing Wen Bao Bao Kan.

If you're a frog under a coconut shell when reading this, let me enlighten you a bit. Around a week ago, a local Chinese newspaper published guidelines of "symptoms" to identify gays and lesbians.

Symptoms for gays include; attracted to men, likes wearing tight fitting clothing, having a muscular physique, and likes to carry big handbags.

Symptoms of lesbians included; attracted to women, likes the company of women rather than men, and have no affection for men.

These symptoms are said to be endorsed by the Ministry of Education. After that, it's been a whole week of news about this, one after another. Now the ministry is denying that they are actually endorsing the guidelines, but do support measures to combat such "social ills". Here is the link to the news.

Maybe some of us are really that distasteful, disgusting and a total threat to society, but please, being distasteful, disgusting and a total threat to the society has nothing to do with a person's sexual orientation.

You will see the media blaring out a criminal's sexual orientation if it deviates the norm, but never mentions a criminal's sexual orientation when he or she is straight!

When will this actually end? I actually thought it's a post from 9gag and I did laugh at myself. But no, this comes from the ministry! I am extremely angry and sad when I first realise this is actually true.

If we really want this to end, it should start from ourselves. Voice out your opinions. Show to people that you are a bit different in a way, but this shouldn't be a judging point to judge a person's character.

Since we're now in the limelight, play it big! Put down all your bets and draw all the cards! Wear your pastel pink, V-neck, tight fitting tee! Take out all your Louis Vuittons, Balenciaga and Celines to actually use them!

But I dare you to wear like Bryanboy and walk down the street! :D Also, take note that fashion people nowadays abhor big bags, they prefer clutches and even minaudieres. Google that up if you're unsure what it means.

But most of all, be yourself. Shine through your character and show people it doesn't matter whom you love, what matters most is the heart.

On a side note, I think I'll be wearing my V-neck tomorrow. And carry that big green bag all around town!

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