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This is a short passage that I found in my archives. Any references to the living or the dead are purely coincidence.


I used to know him way back then. Way back my university days. He's the non-stop working machine, forever busy. Though as busy as he may be, he still do find some time on the weekends to enjoy himself. By day one form, by night the other, as they say. He clubbed regularly, going to places which I've never stepped into, having things going his way. Could it be the rebellious freak, the child-that-never-grew-up persona that he embodies? I do not know. Maybe I'll never know.

Though it has happened close to 10 years, the memory of him is still so fresh in my mind. I remember the first time that we met, he wore a dark grey t-shirt with jeans, with his black framed glasses which reflects the job that he is doing. I remembered what he ate that day, and I also remembered that when I walk past by, trying to recognize him, I'm dumbstruck. Being so dumbstruck that I forgot to say "Hi", because he's so suave in my eyes.

Some of you may label him as "fat", but to me, those cute pinkish cheeks and slanted dreamy eyes are out of this world. Coupled with short jet black hair and well-toned arms with a hint of flab.... Couldn't he be anymore rugged and cute at the same time? Being well-educated, one of my prerequisite, is the cherry on top of that devilish cake, a hard to resist temptation.

And his voice, it feels smooth, with a type of musicality in it, and a dash of sexiness that it will be wonderful to hear him growl. That was what I felt like when I first saw him. It used to be back then.


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P/S: You may label me as a chaser, but I'm just an admirer. I love my man to be big, muscled, a G-Man. :))

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  1. Wow! 10 years ago? So do you still keep in touch with him? Where and how do you know him?

  2. Calvin: I think I forgot to mention it's only mere fiction. :P

    But then, some part of it is true. That's another story to tell.

  3. I've a thing on stocky man too, but not overly chubby.