A Holiday

1:16 AM

Oh mai God.

Actually I have a plan to go to Langkawi this end of Sept with this bunch of friends. Though I may be a bit like an outcast from the group that they themselves created, I don't mind at all. I just want to go there, soak up some sun, drink some Chivas, and just enjoy. And about the drinking Chivas part, some of them are very willing to join me so at least it won't be so awkward, rather than drinking alone. 

That's the reason why I bought those swimwear! 

Then, while I was chatting with a friend just now who just came back from Bangkok, he says that he'll be going there again for another vacation this Christmas. I asked whether if I can join and he gives the thumbs up.

The problem is, if I am to follow him to go Bangkok, I have to cancel my trip to Langkawi, due to financial constraints. And, I'm actually taking a risk if I'm going to Bangkok. My university has this very weird way of arranging the timetable for the year end exams, that it'll end on the 24th. If I'm lucky, it'll end earlier. 

My friend here wants to go on the 22nd, which makes it impossible if it clashes with my exam timetable. 

If I go ahead and take the risk, book tickets and such, and then the clash happens = bin dou dou em sai hui (Canton: no need to go anywhere)! 

The other thing which makes going to Bangkok so appealing is: 

1) I've never ride an airplane.

2) Besides Singapore, there's no other country in this world I've stepped into. 

3) And, my friend looks like this. 

Ok, that's Keichi whom I posted before, but nevertheless, he's my type.

Unless I can truly confirm my exam timetable waaaaaaaaaaaaaay before, which is like virtually impossible. 

I want to go to Bangkok. :(

Yes, it's just a wish, a rant. Hopefully God hears me out. 

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