Mother Knows Best

11:10 PM

This is what basically my mom had said in the phone today.

"When I say I want you to be careful when finding people online, I don't mean controlling you. I just want to let you know that there are news like the one I saw today on the paper, about this girl being cheated by an African man.

You're no longer a five-year-old, my son. I couldn't be possibly caning you like what I did. You're an adult now, and you have to be independent in your ways of thinking. But remember, every action has a reaction.

The other day I told one of your aunts about you being a PLU. Not every member in my family can accept it, but although your mom here has an education of a primary school level, doesn't mean I couldn't. I read the papers and I keep myself up-to-date. I'm not living under a coconut shell.

Though I have said so, it is up to you if you want to share anything with me. I am fine with it and I will not be angry or mad.

Another thing, the internet is not a good place to find a long term relationship. Very casual friends, yes.

Why I said so because though you're an adult, you're still young. Mother knows how young people can be very emotional and very naive when it comes to affairs of the heart.

Remember what I said. Keep in mind that mother only hope that you can have a good career, able to buy a house and to take care of yourself. If you did all these, I'll be very happy."

This coming from my fabulous woman, my fashionista, the one who met my 'hunkle' father in a disco.  

This is my mom. :'-)

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  1. hmmmm, wht a lovely n cute mom u hv

  2. ooi2009: I've added you in my MSN. Can you see me?

    wizards: I'm just very lucky.

  3. You have a lovely and open mum. That's really good.

  4. Rotiboy: Yup. That's my mum. :)