Under. Swim. Wear.

10:32 PM

Just like my mum who can never have enough shoes, there can be never enough underwear and swimwear in this gay man's closet. Never.

The other day I went to Parkson at Sungai Wang and I found the underwear department which usually stocks Private Structure didn't stock it anymore. A bit of a disappointment. I love to see the designs that they can come up with, although I wouldn't think of buying it. Yet.

Today I went to Tangs in Pavilion and I found at one small corner, Private Structure heaven. They stock up tanks, underwear, pants and swimwear. They even have sales for their old stocks, so if you're a size S and would love to have some nice undies, go have a look.

The sport pants are selling at RM59 and they even have RM99 for 3 pairs of their normal briefs. Great deal for a brand that's quite out of reach from the middle market.

Also, selected STUD swimwear and briefs are up for grabs at 50%! Just make sure you're a size S or M. If you're lucky, you can find L too.

So what did I bought today?

Swimwear from STUD and Private Structure! The first is 50% off but the second is just 10. Anyway, Private Structure swimwear sell like hot cakes so it would make no sense to buy it when the sales are here. The ones on the rack which have 30% off only have sizes in S. Haish. And there's this one man carting away 6 pairs of swimwear today.

Swimwear boleh makan ke? Aku tak tahu lah.

Also, I bought boxer briefs from Diesel sometime ago which are oh-so-comfortable! They're in the middle price range, so it's still affordable. I'm having this red one from Diesel which I have worn for about a year and a half and it still looks good. Value for your money.

I have pics to post today but it seems like every time I tried posting it at night I encounter problems, where pics will be distorted. Anyone encounter this before? Any advice?

And the pics are not me modelling the briefs/trunks. I'm still far away from that kind of bod, so let's not hurt our eyes, ok?

UPDATE: Ok, pics are here. And the last pic is a badge, free gift from Private Structure. Oh, and the promoter is quite friendly too.

That's all for now. Until the next post!

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  1. Ooh the STUD box and trunks look nice. I wanna go to Tangs Pavilion too! I need to get my fredperry fix. Lols.

  2. Very eye-catching choices.:)

  3. Vin: I think the shoes from Fred Perry are on sales. Do go and have a look! :)

    William: I still do not know what made me buy them. It must be the slut in me, I think.

  4. We want to see the photos that u wear STUD underwear. Not underwear per se!!! :)PPP

  5. Aiyah Jackson... Got no bod lah. Showing that shapeless ass on the net very malulah, you know~~