Let's Talk About Shoes

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This post is dedicated to Vin, who's having 29 pairs of shoes in his closet.

This is something which I love, other than the banana with two dangling nuts at the side. The title above just explained itself.

Anyhoo, I'll not be posting my shoes here anytime soon. I had a little misfortune some time back, causing me to lose quite a number and pairs that I truly love. Never can I find them ever again, especially that pair of Bonia brogues which is a limited edition one. Maybe it's never meant to be.

But! That doesn't shoo me away from my love for shoes. I'm currently on the hunt for some pairs that will last in terms of wear and tear, together with effortless style.

Don't think that style isn't important! Psychologists said that when we usually judge a person, we always look at their feet first and from there, gaze upwards towards their face. So, having a good pair of shoes is beneficial.

But really, how many pairs do you really need? What is the minimal number? For me, it's 3.

One pair that can bring you from work to clubs, one pair for laid back weekends, and another pair for you to wear just about anywhere; i.e sandals/slippers/thongs.

For laid back weekends, choose something that you can wear comfortably. Boat shoes and driving shoes are the best. Besides being timeless in style, they can be worn with either jeans or shorts. Best worn without socks. If you could not live without socks, wear no-show socks.

The demigods of boat shoes and driving shoes are Sebago and Carshoe.

Here are some pairs that I found on the net which I'd love to have.

Above: Boat shoes. Notice the sole of the shoe and also the signature shoelace at the ankle.

Above: Driving shoe from Carshoe. A driving shoe may look similar to a boat shoe, but the soles are
 made of rubber pieces instead of one whole piece. Best of all, these two styles come in various colours 
to suit your style!

Carshoe is more at the high-end range, prices starts from RM1500, at least. Sebago is still affordable, roughly around RM300 to 500.

If you feel that these are a bit too old, you can always go for Converse. If you have extra to spend, why not go for the ultimate shoe, a pair of Louboutin? (pronounced lu-bu-TAHN)

Isn't this pair of high-tops from Louboutin amazing?? :))

Talking about Louboutin made me remember another pair of wonder from them. If you're fashion conscious, you would have heard about the Rollerboy.

Yes, it's that shoe that may have come out from an S&M factory, but with an added air of elegance. It's what inspire the designers to produce the pair of high-tops you see above.

Besides the leather one in above, they also come in leopard prints, denim, and the newest, silver leather! 

So if you're working in the design or advertising field, these are the shoes that you could be wearing from your office to the clubs. Of course, provided you have a few extra thousand to spend. 

But if you are working in a more conservative environment and have no budget, choose a pair of laceless leather shoes in brown, preferably a slimmer cut. Bata has these types and they last. I know because I have a pair. They really follow me from the office to the clubs. 
No joke. 

For the third pair, it's up to you and your lifestyle. There are just so much slippers/flip flops/thongs/sandals in the market that it will have taken up another post or so if I want to discuss it any further. 

But then, give Flipper a try. It's a brand that is making its mark in the market, due to the high quality rubber that they use. You can find it at Sungai Wang and also some Carrefour outlets in the Klang Valley. 

I know this is a very very long post, but really, I love shoes.

If you love fashion, bags and shoes, go visit Bagaholicboy and Mymanybags. These two blogs are what you need if you want to find some inspiration on "what to wear" 
and "what to buy".  

I'll end here with a pic full of those Prada creeper brogues. We all need some whimsical shoes in our life. And add inches to your height too!

P/S: And those from Givenchy are even more amazing. Go google it up and see what I mean!

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