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So yesterday while having dinner with moi boyfriend (Yes, I have a boyfriend! Hallelujah!! I'll post how we met and stuff like that some time later), we talked about what phones we had in the past. So it got me thinking, remembering all those phone models I had.

The very first phone I had was Nokia 3310, a hand-me-down from dad. That was while I'm still in primary and that phone is used for emergencies only.

The second one was a Sony Ericsson T630, a hand-me-down from mum. One of the early phones that has Bluetooth. That one was also used for emergency calls back home to my family during school time. I thought that was my coolest phone ever. And one fine day it stopped working due to the battery.

The third one was a Samsung e350, a hand-me-down from mum. That one I use during my early foundation days. But that phone also got spoiled. This time was not the battery problem, it's the keypad. Fixing it is really not cost efficient.

Then I bought myself a budget Nokia phone, the Nokia 1650. This is the first phone I bought using my own money. It did not get spoiled, but instead mum wanted me to exchange with her for another phone, so that this budget Nokia can be given to my uncle.

So I get another hand-me-down from mum, a Nokia 6288. That time it was the most IN thing, having 3G, which is quite an advanced technology (I repeat, THAT time). I absolutely love this phone. With such a big screen, nice camera and a slider, it was one of my most beloved phone to date. It has a nice feel and weight to it, which made me love it even more.

Sadly, as all electronic devices are destined to be, it's spoiled. Even changing the battery doesn't work, because the internal electronics got so hay wired that it will drain the battery in a matter of three hours.

And then, here comes my second beloved phone, the Nokia Xpress Music 5130. Being a music oriented budget phone, it's very nice in terms of design; funky wallpapers, themes, nice GUI for the music player, lights up when it rings. Also it has a 3.5 mm jack, which can be used with headphones! And that's the second phone I bought for myself.

This time, the phone got lost when I dropped it off when using a taxi to ride back home when going back from One Utama. This one is another unfortunate event, where I used a bus to go back from One Utama back to my place. I took the wrong bus, and it got me into this very 'san ka la' place, further up from The Strand. It was really a fucked up moment at that time.

I called my number but the taxi driver just would not pick it up. I got really heart broken. I used my PTPTN money to buy that baby back home. :(

After that came a clam shell Sony Ericsson, the R306, marketed as a budget radio phone. Also another hand-me-down from mum. This is my most horrible experience with a phone. It has so little memory that it could not even store much messages! I have to keep on delete like mad just to keep it sane enough. Terrible phone.

Mum actually considered the fact that she would want to buy me a nice phone. I almost bought a Blackberry back home, but considering the fact that I would have to pay for internet, phone calls, sms, and the BBM service, it's not worth it unless I'm working.

In the end, I decided I'll continue to use hand-me-downs until the time I can actually have my own salary to buy a nice phone for myself.

So what I am using now? A Sony Ericsson F305 in white. It's fine, but the casing is  cracking all over because I dropped it a few times. Well, after that few drops it's still very sturdy, so I don't mind. It even has an extra memory card, so I can store a number of songs to listen to. That's fine.

The colours of these phone shown here is what I had. And thinking about it, most of my phones are budget phones, not more than RM500. Unless you counted the SE T630 and Nokia 6288, both are over RM500 during their glory days.

So what phone I want to have these days? A smartphone, either from Samsung or HTC. iPhone is so overrated, everybody has it! Even my mom and brother. An iPhone 4 and 3GS respectively. It has lost its exclusivity which once attracted me.

If Nokia starts to have Android, and puts it into one of those Blackberry styled phones, I'll buy it in a heartbeat. That won't happen anytime soon though.

Why I want to have a smartphone? Well, looking at the fact that everything is gearing towards the way of the smartphone (eg : QR codes) , it's going to be a necessity soon. And the rates of 3G connectivity will drop in the future. I believe that'll happen.

Also, Whatsapp-ing my darling will be fun. :) No more Grindr or Jack'd for me!

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  1. gosh , we surely must hook up and have sex!

  2. ooi2009: Thank you for what I think is a compliment, but no thank you. In case you didn't notice my previous posts, I do not do hook ups. More so now when I have a boyfriend. :)

  3. darn , thats a pity , being an otter myself , it would be fun to let our wild side enjoy

  4. Does that mean you're very good at catching fish?

    I know, lame joke.

  5. yeah , i can catch a good deal of fish ,especially thick and long ones "wink , wink"

    equally lame , i know