The Very First One

12:53 AM

I read this on Fridae and I'm tearing up.

Here's the link,

OMG, I really couldn't believe it! The full regalia of a traditional Chinese wedding, with banquets, tea ceremony and all those stuff!!

I'm actually weeping tears of joy to know that somebody out there have taken one very big step towards proving that our love for our partners are no different from heterosexual couples.

To those of you, who are lazy to click the link, it's about a lesbian couple from Batu Pahat, Johor. Apple, aged 27, and Thomas, aged 29, has finally agreed to tie the knot after 2 years of dating. 400 guests attended the wedding ceremony.

I used to have no hope at all for this kind of marriage being legalised here. Now, I do.


P/S: Here's the happy couple!

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  1. There is no opposition nor approval, but only blessing!

    damn nice quote. XD

  2. Vincent: I totally agree. :)))

  3. Rotiboy: You're from Batu Pahat?

  4. opps lol i wasn't supposed to reveal that. ah well nvm..