The Swan Prince

1:53 AM

Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, there lived The Swan Prince.

The Swan Prince is what his name is. Smooth, fair skin; very tall, handsome, graceful and a gentleman. With a more effeminate attitude to match.

Having 4 previous relationships, The Swan Prince gave up on love, for he almost found what he searched, but the same thing happened all over again.

And in the same kingdom, there lived The Ugly Duckling. Although he is growing up to be a swan, he had been ridiculed by his friends, reminding him of his ugly past, which he keeps it in a form of a photogram in his money pouch.

The Ugly Duckling was also searching for his one true love. It never came to him. Having endless courtships and infatuations, he decided one fine day to be happy with himself and let love find him when the time comes, as it should be.

On one silent night, as The Ugly Duckling goes through The List, where people usually hope to find love enlist themselves on The List, he came across The Swan Prince.

It doesn't occur to him at that moment that The Swan Prince could be his one true love, and as usual procedures in people who are on The List, they send little messages to each other, as to get to know each other better.

Eventually, they came out and met each other. They talked. And talked. And talked.

This went on for a few weeks. They were talking about each others battle scars, the most expensive armor in the world, and even women's most fashionable medieval accessories.

It got to a point where the topic of relationships came out, and a hypothesis was created, whereby if a partner is willing to wait for his one true love, what is the answer shall be?

The Ugly Duckling answered, "If my one true love is willing to wait for me, he places me on a very high value, the value of time itself."

"I would say yes. And I am willing to wait together with my one true love."

The Swan Prince is baffled with his answer. Never before has he seen somebody with such a degree of articulation, well-spoken, and certainly knows what he wants.

And he sincerely asked The Ugly Duckling, "I am willing to be the one to wait for you."

The Ugly Duckling was in awe at that time. Never before has he been asked before, and never before he has someone confiding his sincere feelings.

So dumbstruck that The Ugly Duckling was; he wanted to say "Yes" but no voice came out from his mouth, although deep in his heart, the little blossoms of love begins to bloom.

In the end, he reached for his necklace, where he placed two rings. The rings are from his mother, meant to be given one of them to his one true love. He took one out and placed it in front of The Swan Prince.

And from there, The Ugly Duckling is very sure that he has found his one true love.

They may not live together happily ever after, as in what they do in fairytales, but The Ugly Duckling certainly knows one thing for certain.

The Swan Prince will always be the first one who took his heart away.

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  1. Find your own Ugly Duckling. LOL

  2. Stop looking for sex and start to find a partner.