What Do You Think About PDAs?

3:43 PM

PDA here refers to Public Display of Affection, not Personal Digital Assistant.

So yesterday, I took the monorail to go to the bus station. As I was riding the monorail, I saw three guys, two Chinese and an Indian, having a conversation. They look very young, like 18 or something.

So my gaydar did not detect anything, they're dressed like all young adults should, with no hint at all about their sexuality. Then, the Indian helped the Chinese guy besides him to adjust his necklace.

Ok, maybe they're really close friends. Then they held each other hands and hugged. Ok, now it's very apparent that they're a couple.

But the very unexpected thing happened next. The Indian guy gave the Chinese a peck on the neck.

My immediate reaction was, "Aww... So sweet!" But I immediately turn my head around to see the public's reaction.

There's this 50 year old uncle shaking his head.

There's this bunch of naive schoolgirls, all pointing and giggling.

Then there's this straight couple giving a disgusted look.

Right after the gay couple get off at the next station, there's this straight couple boarding in. Hugging, kissing and the boyfriend even bought these cute little cupcakes for the girlfriend.

No one bat an eyelid towards them.

So, my conclusion is Malaysia still have a very long way to go towards accepting PDAs from the LGBT community.

But, I want to ask all of you out there about such PDAs. No matter it is from a hetero or homo couple, are you comfortable with it? Are you comfortable of having PDAs with your partner? To what extent will you have PDA s with your partner? Do you have anything similar like this to share?

Please write down your comments below. I'm happy to hear what you have to say.

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  1. Call me outdated or conservative. I have a low threshold on PDA for both straight and gay couples. My limit is only up to holding hands and arms around waist. To me, anything further should be in private. So I probably will roll my eyes when I see kissing/pecking in public.

  2. I'm fine with PDA from people in public area but I won't be showing it if I have a bf because I'm still a closeted one. Hehehe...

    And by the way, can I have the one on the left? Hehehe... Gosh! He looks delicious. :p

  3. Rotiboy: Respecting your decision in each and every way. I too admit I have this old-fashioned streak in me. Just in other aspects.

    Calvin: I see. And yes of course, you can have the left one. It's just the matter of finding him. LOL