The First Valentine

1:51 AM

Usually I give no shit about Valentine's Day. Well, that's when I was single. I wasn't condemning it or purposely did something to remind me about my single life. So, it was another normal day like any day of the year.

But this year, it's another reason to celebrate something because of my swan prince. This is really my first celebration of Valentine's Day.

We went to TGIF at Pavilion's and had the Valentine's dinner menu that they're having. The mains and desserts are not bad at all. One thing certainly stands out though, which is their brownie with chocolate fudge and vanilla ice-cream. Tastes like heaven and oh-so-sinful.

But something certainly rings true. The price for that dinner can certainly buy us a better dinner downstairs at Michelangelo's. On normal days, that is.

Well, with RM25 per stalk of rose and RM69.90 for a small size teddy bear, Valentine's Day is just another product of commercialisation. So we had our first experience of a commercial Valentine's Day and it'll be our last too. It's just not worth your ringgit. I think that doing something more personal on that day is a much smarter choice. And it's a better effort of showing your love to your loved ones.

But Valentine's Day is certainly not limited to couples. Love certainly exists between your family and friends too! The day is about celebrating love itself, so to all single people, take it as a day to express your love towards people around you. You certainly don't need to condemn it or whine about it. Do something positive!

I wish all of you out there, no matter single, married, in a relationship or complicated circumstances, have an endless supply of love. Love certainly does not need to be celebrated for only a day. :)

For those who love, time is eternity. - Henry Van Dyke

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  1. rm70 for a small bear?!

    Well aint tat scary =-=

    Hapi V day!

  2. :) It happens! And during Valentine's they only have the set menu so you don't have much of a choice.

  3. Yup, so it'll be the last commercial Valentine.