2:20 AM

If you frequent my blog, you'll notice that there's a small window at right about small random stuffs that I write from time to time.

The number 34 is not my age. I'm still not that old, but I'm not getting younger either. Anyway, that's my waistline now.

If you remembered, there was this blog post about a little something that I bought from Tangs last year.

With a waistline of 34, I booked myself a trip to Langkawi. I'm going there in the middle of May. And I really want to wear skimpy little things when I'm there.

And my inner self started screaming, "YOU MUST EXERCISE. YOU MUST DIET. Y U NO STOP EATING??"

So, to motivate myself further to lose weight (with a more than gargantuan task to do besides that) I hereby promise to all blog buddies that I'll post a photo of me in those skimpy little things once I'm back from Langkawi.

And the punishment is no matter what, I still have to post a picture of me in those skimpy little things.

Now, Mr Thomas, you couldn't escape from the impending shame. Do it or suffer the consequences.

I'm crazy when it comes to how much I weigh.

P/S: I really wanted to be a bear but no matter what I ate, it doesn't go anywhere. Except the mid-section. Haish.

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  1. just make your upper part bigger then if there is nothing you can do about the down part! :) so that it will cancel out the effect! :)

  2. Ooo... did I hear 'bear'? LOL...

  3. Tuls, actually losing the down part is easier than trying to build the upper part. For me that is. But nevertheless, still gonna try!

    Calvin, yes you did! Hahaha

    Vincent, no need to curious one. LOL