Surprising Sunday

10:31 PM

Not a very good surprise. Well, the first one is. There's a second one.

This morning when I logged on to facebook, I saw this devastating news.

If you're not living under a rock, you should know by now that one the greatest singers of our time has passed away. We will always love you, Whitney Houston.

That's one of my favourite. It is really sad to know that she has passed on. RIP Whitney Houston.

Now moving on to the second surprise.

The second surprise is really... surprising. It's about one of my coursemates. All of my friends and me knows that he did date girls before.

But he's doubting himself all these while and he's actually gay!

If you ask me why I couldn't detect him a long time ago, well, that's because my gaydar just doesn't work on people I do know.

So after I discovered that he's actually gay, I do feel a bit strange. I mean, we've been practically in the same classes and we do see each other every other day. It's like finding your colleague who you think is straight at a gay club or a gay sauna.

But then, I do think it's also a good thing. It's like finding a new friend all over again.

Surprise, surprise. And I'm waiting for another one this Tuesday. Hehehe...

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  1. So, are you gonna come out to him? :p

  2. I'm out to all my uni friends, Calvin. Except friends from my secondary school.