The Small Little Things

5:41 PM

You know those small little things that annoys you, yet it's not enough to make you fuming with anger?

Like leaving the toilet seat open. Or squeezing the middle part of a toothpaste.

Worse still, having a dry throat, kissed your boyfriend, then messaged him that it's a strep throat, with another message saying "I hope you don't get it".

That totally sounds like an irresponsible, selfish and naive person. And I'm the irresponsible, selfish and naive person.

After I realised what I did, I was like "WHAT IN THE FARKING HELL DID I DO.........." (please insert poker face here). Sometimes I can be so honest with my words that I take no effort to do any kind of censorship.

He's totally annoyed and worried about my throat. I feel like I'm the worst boyfriend he can ever have.

But on the other hand, it really showed how comfortable I am with him by exposing how terrible I can be at times. And yet, he still cares so much.

I'm sorry my swan prince. It is from experience we learn and I promise there'll be nothing like this ever again.

It's only half a year, but I really do want to rush to Tiffany's, buy a ring, then beg him on my knees to marry me.

P/S: Oh, and a nice wedding band at Tiffany's in rose gold (with the "Tiffany & Co" lettering and a few miniature diamonds) will set you back around RM3030 for one.

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