Why Do We Woof At A Kuma?

11:51 PM

"Kuma" means "bear" in Japanese.

But bears (the animal) doesn't woof. The sound that they do make is growling and grunting.

So why do the bear community "woof" at other bears that they find attractive?

Thanks to Google magic, I'm able to find out why the word "woof" for sexual attractiveness. 

It is said that during the 90's, the word "woof" is used to show sexual attractiveness by all, no matter what sexual attraction that the person has. It is a more subtle substitute for growling, like what some people do. So the word "woof" got into the Internet at that time so it starts to spread around. That's when the bear community starts to pick it up until now.    

I am not sure how correct is this but at least it did shed some light. 

Does anyone out there actually knows why do bears "woof" at each other? 

P/S: There's actually #boxerday for bears on Twitter. Click here for more info! 

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  1. I'm not woofable material. LOL

  2. There used to be a cultural habit called 'Cat calling' where people (usually men) would whistle a certain tone to signify that a woman was attractive. This animalistic way of communicating attraction along with other cultural habits developed the relation of men to dogs or animals on the basis that they could not contain their attraction to other individuals. Many cartoons and comics as well as other forms of media personified this idea by having men howl like dogs when they found someone or something attractive. The howling may have also developed because of the development of the term 'bitch' referring to a female dog or in more common terms, a debased female person. In any case it could be because of these developments that men started using the term 'woof' as being a more subtle way of showing their attraction to others.

    Also wolves are furry? In any case I think the drawing is very cute. ^ _ ^

    1. Thank you Chris for the very informative comment!

      When you say wolves, do you mean the gay clique? If you do, then yes, they are furry.